Wednesday, August 11, 2010

YOG Day@ Endeavour

The day has finally arrived. The YOG flame is passing by our school this afternoon. Two of our pupils, Stanley and Farah, are the proud torchbearers who are going to present our school. They are going to run 100m each, in front of the school and in front of the whole neighbourhood. It must be a proud moment for them, their parents and the school.

The other pupils are not forgotten too. The Primary One and Two pupils are having their sport meet. For the rest of the levels, it is a sport carnival for them. Every pupils will have a score card. They could exchange it for prizes if they performed excellently.

Enjoy the day! Enjoy the moment! This day might never come again. As for Stanley and Farah, make us proud! Run with pride as the whole of Singapore is looking at both of you. As for the rest of the pupils, let's cheer them on and make some noise. Maybe, just for today, make a whole lot of noise! Let's wake up the neighbourhood. Let them know that Endeavour Primary School is IN their neighbourhood!


Jian Ting said...

Hi Mr Yaidi,
This is Jian TIng from SMU, would love to have some feedback from you rgding our Funopoly project with Endeavour Primary School. Kindly contact me at ! Thanks!

Jian Ting

Anonymous said...

Dear Yaidi B Mohamad,
What should I do if my child would like to quit his CCA. Thanks & regards.