Saturday, September 6, 2008

Get- Kids- Afloat Sailing Course

We are all sailors of EDP, including Mr Yaidi!
(Gordon is missing in the picture)

Vanessa and her optimist boat.

Proud moment for parents!

One before we sail!

Raring to go! Or is he 'roaring'?!

All aboard! Rudder? Check! Main sail? Check! Main sheet? Check! Daggerboard? Check! Sailors? Where were the sailors?! In the water, but without their boats. They were too excited to be in the sea. EDP sent 6 pupils for the course. All of them were skeptical about sailing and the creatures lurking in the water. But once they had a taste of sailing, it's hard to separate them from their boats. They had an experience that they never had before. Especially for two sailors, who were caught in the sudden storm and strayed off course. They had to be towed back to shore. " It's an adventure!" exclaimed one of them. A great sailor in the making!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hip- hop dance during ACES Day

Never knew dancing could be so tiring!

Er, what's next?

Future dancers on stage!

Our instructor

Our very first ACES Day! What did we do? We danced. Hip- hop style! Our instructor, Ms Sharifah, taught the pupils the moves during their P.E lessons. For 6 sessions, they learnt the moves and tried to remember them. Hard time remembering but fun with music on! So, on ACES Day, the whole school danced the routine. Lots of future dancers in EDP. But above all, the pupils had fun learning and dancing hip- hop.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cold Storage Kids Run 2008

It's all about having fun!

Girls can join in too!

Front row view!

Excitement filled the bus! The pupils kept asking whether we have reached our destination. At the race site, they were awed by the scale of the event. They had never seen such a grand event. Huge turnout! Big tents! Loud music! I told them to get used to it as more of such events will be planned for the school. Announcement was made for the runners to go to their starting line. Some were raring to go. Others were a little afraid. I soothed their fears by telling them that they were winners just by participating. Winning is not important. Finishing the race is! With that in their minds, off they went. Winners they became on that day! Very proud of them!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Actions on Mini Sports Day 2008

Not too LOUD please!

Get the ball!

You can't hit me!

One GIANT leap for EDP!

Our very own future bowler!

Look at some of the actions from your friends! They were serious in winning some prizes! Everyone enjoyed their time on that day. For those who won the medals, congratulations to all of you. For those who don't, many more sports day to come. So, don't worry. Just need to train harder. Look out for the next sports day. Practise hard during your P.E lessons!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our First Mini Sports Day 2008

The day is coming soon.....Time to practise what you have learnt during your PE lessons!!! Underhand roll, underhand throw, overarm throw....and many more!! ARGHS!!!

Fret NOT!!! It is going to be a day filled with fun! Maybe some of you might go home with some medals! I'm sure your competitors would not make it easy but hey, it is NOT impossible. Just need to train at home and during your recess.

Counting down to the day......

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

1F's First Rainbow Day Performance

Primary 1F had just performed onstage for the first time on Rainbow Day! BOY!! Were we excited about it! We sang the song by Kermit the Frog called 'Rainbow Connection'.

By the way, this song is also our recess song!

We discussed about some actions to be included in our song performance. Some of the actions came from us, the pupils, which was what the teacher had always wanted. Of course, we were excited when our suggestions were accepted for the performance.

Now we have learnt to take responsibility for our performance.

A good start for a first time. Two more Rainbow Days to come.

Hmmm....what shall we do next?