Saturday, September 6, 2008

Get- Kids- Afloat Sailing Course

We are all sailors of EDP, including Mr Yaidi!
(Gordon is missing in the picture)

Vanessa and her optimist boat.

Proud moment for parents!

One before we sail!

Raring to go! Or is he 'roaring'?!

All aboard! Rudder? Check! Main sail? Check! Main sheet? Check! Daggerboard? Check! Sailors? Where were the sailors?! In the water, but without their boats. They were too excited to be in the sea. EDP sent 6 pupils for the course. All of them were skeptical about sailing and the creatures lurking in the water. But once they had a taste of sailing, it's hard to separate them from their boats. They had an experience that they never had before. Especially for two sailors, who were caught in the sudden storm and strayed off course. They had to be towed back to shore. " It's an adventure!" exclaimed one of them. A great sailor in the making!