Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1st Mini Road Race

Let me help you.
I'm going to 'overtake' you!

I will follow you!

Yippee! We won! (3A)

Smile for the camera! (4A)

Here! Your turn! Now!

Go Red! Er, Blue! Er, Green! Aaarrghhs...just go!

We had our first mini road race on the last day of Term 2 (29th May 2009). The route was the same as our Fitness Friday route except that it was a shorter distance. We had a class Challenge Trophy for the Primary 3 and 4. Which classes won the Challenge Trophy?

Read on.

The Primary 3 and 4 pupils were very excited about the road race. Not only they could win individual medal, but they could also help their class to win the Challenge Trophy. Just by looking at the pictures, you could imagine the atmosphere at the parade square on that morning.

The Primary 5 was not forgotten. They had a different version of the race. They had a relay race. Their race was shorter and definitely faster. The other pupils were rooting for them. There must be a connection, which was unknown to me, because the rest of the school were rooting for different groups.

So, the winner for the Challenge Trophy for 2009 were Class 3A and Class 4A. Well done! Time to defend your title next year. Till then, train hard during your PE lessons and also on Fitness Fridays.

For the Primary 1 and 2, your sports event is coming soon!

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